About Carter

From the old world to the new, Carter Brooks has been importing dry goods, tea and coffee since '83. Correct, 1483 that is. The company that Carter Sr. started centuries ago is now in the hands of his great grandson Carter VIII.

Carter Sr. was a real sea dog/shellback, an experienced sailor. The story goes that Carter was the first trader to set foot on the continent of America, but at the time he gave away the title to Columbus in exchange for 3 tonnes of his finest grains. Although no one ever documented the story, it got passed on for generations within the Brooks family and when asked "What would you have done?" to any of the Brooks brothers and sisters, they all answer the same "exchange the continent for grain!"

While old Carter might not be physically around anymore, his meticulous care for quality lives on through the products sourced, selected and sold. Tea, coffee, cacao and grains, whether it's from Japan, Australia or Amsterdam..

Carter Brooks has it.


Although the life and stories of Carter Brooks are fictional, the mission and attention to quality are very much a true story.

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